Rida Security

Rida Security is the largest Libyan security company with an authorization for security services, providing comprehensive and tailored protective services in Libya and is a recognized as a valued & professional security provider. We specialize in the implementation of integrated security services in complex, volatile and hostile environments

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Libya Security Service

Our main security services in Libya include:

- Integrated security services
- Consulting
- Infrastructure security
- Close protection
- Watch keeping capabilities
- Crisis response
- Risk management

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RIDA Security - Strategy

Rida Security objective is to mitigate the risks that may affect the operations of its client in any conceivable way. Mitigation aims at reducing the impact that an incident, situation, threat or risk will create if it occurs.

Rida Security strategy is to implement security set-ups which will effectively diminish the risks by offering mitigation services to avoid all together, manage, control and/or minimize the risks that may affect its client's operations from both private and public sectors.

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RIDA Security offers integrated security solutions tailored to your needs
In cooperation with Argus Security Projects